11/25/18 Edit: The information on this post is now out of date, please refer to the github help page :Github Apex Setup

If you are reading this you have probably set up an individual account for email through Google Apps (G Suite). You will need to access the DNS record manager with your DNS Provider; if you bought the domain while setting up your G Suite account this is either Enom or GoDaddy. You will need to get your account credentials through Google admin console. It can be accessed through the Domains page(search domains at the top of the console) under Advanced DNS Settings. Select Sign in to DNS Console and use the credentials to access the Domain Services page.

We will be focusing on the Host Records.

First modify the A records to point towards Github’s servers instead of Google’s :

  1. remove all records of record type A
  2. add entry with Host Name @, Address, record type A
  3. add entry with Host Name @, Address, record type A

Second replace the CNAME entry to point towards your github pages address, edit the record with host name www, enter the address as username.github.io. A CNAME (Canonical Name record) helps the github servers at the ip address we targeted resolve the ip that hosts your github page. Leave any MX entries alone.

Last create a CNAME file at the root of your github pages directory. It should be called CNAME exactly, the contents of this file will be only yourDomain.com

The next step is to wait for the DNS timeout to finish so that the address points to the right place. If you are impatient (or this process needs to be troubleshooted ) I found dig to be a great tool. There are many articles on how to use dig logs online